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Image showing the renamed St Kentigern’s Roundabout

Roundabout Rename!

On 1st July 2022, LCDT unveiled the name of the roundabout at the retail park area.

Eleanor McLean, a member of LCDT, who has taken the lead on this project, cut the coverings off the signs to reveal “St Kentigern’s Roundabout”, named after the old Church within the graveyard.

The Church dates back to the twelfth century and has strong links with William Wallace. It is said that he met Marion Braidfute, his future wife here, whilst attending a Sunday service, and where they eventually were married.

It is the first step of a project, to focus on the history of the Church and the surrounding graveyard, and the links to William Wallace, hopefully to increase footfall to the town and also improve local knowledge of this historical area.

The next step will be to improve the entrance and driveway into the Church. Currently SGN are upgrading the gas substation and then SP Energy Networks will upgrade electricity substation on the same site. South Lanarkshire Council are also involved and erected the new signs on the roundabout.

Left to right: Councillor Catherine McClymont, Eleanor McLean & Sylvia Russell

LCDT hope that the full entrance including “Dead Man’s Lane” will be upgraded with story boards erected with information about the Church, the graveyard and William Wallace.

Lanark in Bloom also have kindly agreed to plant and maintain flower troughs at the entrance.

Lanark Grammar School will be involved and also the private owner of the house near the site, and of course the 2 Utility Companies.

Once the entrance is complete, we hope to move on within the Church site to make improvements there as well.

This project will move on in stages… so keep your eyes open for more info!!

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