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Strategic Planning by LCDT

LCDT Strategic Plan

“To develop a strong, sustainable community body that encourages local involvement and partnerships to deliver a fair, prosperous and sustainable future for our historic town.”

The Development Trust has now finished off it’s public engagement exercise that was started last Autumn. The purpose of this was to build a three year strategy for the Trust, giving it a firm direction of travel for the future. With the communities help, this plan has now been realised.

Sylvia Russell, LCDT Chairman, said “I’m delighted that we can now share our findings with the public. It has been a very worthwhile exercise and one we couldn’t have accomplished with out the help of our consultants Community Enterprise, Development Trusts Association Scotland (DTAS) and the wider community of Lanark. We hope that this shows we have listened to the concerns and issues people have in the town. We hope we can now start to deliver on some of the projects outlined in the summary as we work to make Lanark a better place to live and work in”. With over 470 responses this provided the Trust with a huge amount of data and information about the Town and people’s thoughts and feelings on a host of different issues.

The next part of this process is to look at the feasibility and funding opportunities of the individual projects, this will help us to be able to deliver on specific projects. Working as part of the Vision for Lanark, it is hoped that the Trust will be able to play a significant and relevant role in the development of Lanark and it’s surrounding landscapes.

This work was made possible by the ‘Green shoots’ grant we received from DTAS. The Trust would like to thank them of this invaluable and continued support.

To read the Strategic Plan 2022-2025: Executive Summary, click here.

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