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Bog Garden at Castlebank Park

Bog Garden

Location: ML11 9EG
The area where the Curling Pond used to be had been filled in around 40 years ago. Unfortunately, the base of the curling pond hadn’t been broken up so the area still held water and the grass was permanently boggy. With the help of many of our volunteers we have managed to transform the area into a beautiful garden buzzing with life. Work is continuing at the site, with new beds being planted. The first of them has been an iris garden, which the volunteers planted in spring 2023.

Project Timeline


Planting began at the Bog Garden, transforming it from a sodden field of grass, to a beautiful area of the park that is teaming with wildlife. A small pond was re-instated.


Some redevelopment work has taken place to ensure the Bog Garden remains a home for wildlife. Planting beds were created, which will be planted up with a variety of herbaceous plants. This is part of an ongoing project to redevelop the Bog Garden.

Spring – Iris are planted in one of the cleared beds, and the rest of the beds are covered to protect from weeds.
New varieties of wildflower introduced around the pond.

Some before and after photos of the Bog Garden.

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