The Royal Burgh of Lanark’s historic High Street is bordered by a series of 14 closes, narrow openings between buildings that form many of the main thoroughfares into the town centre. Over the years, many of the closes have fallen into disrepair and are unpleasant, dingy and dark places. In line with the ‘Lanark Vision’ strategy to develop the town, the Discover Lanark BID and Lanark Community Development Trust aims to transform the High Street’s closes by turning them into features which promote key aspects of Lanark’s history. The community will benefit from artistic involvement in the project, as well as having more pleasant and interesting spaces at the heart of their town. A pilot project has recently been completed, in partnership with local art students, to transform one close into the ”Wallace Close” with artwork depicting key moments of Wallace’s life in Lanark. Themes and visuals for the remaining closes can be linked to their official name such as “Bull’s Close” or other strands of Lanark’s fascinating history from 1140 until now. This is an ongoing project, closely linked to the Discover Lanark BID.

Closes map-01

This gallery shows some before and after photographs of the ‘Wallace Close’ project, plus a historic visitor from the past! Click here to read the full news story about the close unveiling.

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