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Lanark Community Development Trust is volunteer-led charity dedicated to designing and delivering projects which have a positive economic, environmental or social benefit in the town of Lanark.  We rely on a committed membership base made up of the local community and local businesses. If you are passionate about driving positive change in Lanark, join as a member to support our organisation.

Membership of Lanark Community Development Trust is open to all who subscribe to our Memorandum and Articles of Association. There are two categories of membership:

Lives in Lanark, is 18 or over and eligible to vote in local elections in a polling district including all or part of the community.

Either – is 18 or over and lives in the community of Lanark but is ineligible to vote OR is 18 or over and does not live in the community of Lanark but has been nominated by voluntary organisation which supports aims.

Membership of the Trust is currently set at £1 per annum with payment with £5 being collected to cover a five year membership period. The date for renewal of payment is 1 July.

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