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Growing support at Castlebank Horticultural Centre – Melissa Reilly, Development Manager and Sylvia Russell, Chairman of Lanark Community Development Trust, with Ernest Romer, Chair of Lanark in Bloom.

The countdown is on for local businesses to have their say and vote in the Discover Lanark BID Ballot. Local support is growing increasinlgy, with businesses I A Stewart Accountants and J. Frood and Sons recently pledging their support.

Another of the town groups supporting Discover Lanark’s BID is Lanark Community Development Trust.Chairman Sylvia Russell had this to say;

“I have heard some people comment that a BID isn’t necessary in Lanark as the Development Trust is already doing a great deal to improve the town.”

“This concerns me greatly.”

“As chairman of the Trust I am proud of what we have achieved so far, such as restoring Castlebank Park, creating the Horticulture Centre, ‘Welcome’ boards at Lanark Station and entry points to the town, Christmas trees and hanging baskets on 100 business premises, electronic touch screens, the Wallace Close and of course organising the Flowerfest and creating the Winterfest programme.”

“However, our funds are very limited, just think how much more could be done with £1 million pounds which will be available should the BID go ahead.”

“This is about all businesses and the community working together for a better Lanark. No matter what kind of business you have in Lanark, I believe the BID will bring benefits.”

“Lanark Community Development Trust is not a wealthy organisation, but we will be happy to pay our fair share of the levy due for the Castlebank Horticulture Centre.”

“For the good of the town I would encourage you to invest in the town’s businesses and vote YES.”

Another cornerstone voluntary group in Lanark, driving positive change for the community through the Lanimer Week and Illuminated Winter Parade events, is the Lanimer Committee.

John Dickman, Chair of the Lanimer Committee said “The prosperity of Lanark depends on the interface and interaction between its business and the community. Businesses, in return, can exploit opportunities through community activities, to help make trade in the town a more attractive prospect for residents and visitors alike. Few towns have an atmosphere such as Lanark enjoys when everything and everyone come together. The town knows well what community spirit feels like. It just needs a little push from all sides to feel that all year round.”

The Discover Lanark BID Ballot deadline is 5pm on Thursday 28th February 2019, at 5pm.

Click here to find out more about the Discover Lanark BID. Individual meetings can be arranged with Gary Winning, Discover Lanark Project Manager by emailing

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